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Product Features

  MiniaturizationHigh quality design;

  High brightness, light source brightness can reach more than 5000lx;

  High uniformity, uniformity >85% within the range of working distance;

  Compact and sturdy mechanism design with high shock resistance;

  High sharpness, within the range of working distance, the light source boundary is bright and dark, and there is no stray light outside the outline of the light source;

  Light source color optional, commonly white, red, green, blue; It can also provide infrared and ultraviolet light sources.

Application Scope

  For glass, metal surface scratch, scratch detection;

  For glass surface dirt, dust detection;

  Used for workpiece surface flatness detection.

Product specification

Huazhou focuses on the research and development and localization of machine vision algorithms and hardware products, with 15 years of experience in the application and research and development of machine vision products, the company has a strong technology, research and development and sales team, covering electronics, automotive, medical, food, aerospace, logistics, railway, port automation and other industries; Independent products include industrial cameras, lenses, light sources, intelligent cameras, code readers, visual algorithms library, system integration, and strive to achieve the whole industry chain layout of hardware, software, core algorithms and solutions in the machine vision industry.

The company was rated as "high-tech enterprise" and obtained more than 100 utility model patents, 2 invention patents, and more than 100 computer software Copyrights.

Company vision: Focus on machine vision, help Huaxia intelligent manufacturing!

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