Sheng Yongjun, secretary of Tongxiang Municipal Party Committee, led a delegation to visit Huzhou Zhejiang base

Time:2020-12-08 Author: hztest

On the afternoon of October 18, 2020, Sheng Yongjun, secretary of the Tongxiang Municipal Party Committee, and more than 10 municipal Party Committee delegations visited Huzhou Zhejiang Base (Zhejiang Huzhou Intelligent Equipment Co., LTD.) to visit Huzhou. Lin Hualiang, vice president of Huazhou, presided over this exchange and investigation trip and introduced the development of Huazhou to Sheng Yongjun, secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, and leaders of the Municipal Party Committee.


Lin Hualiang, vice president of Huazhou, introduced to Sheng Yongjun, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and other leaders in the company and said: Huazhou was officially established in 2006, with 14 years of experience in the application and research and development of machine vision products, self-developed vision products covering industrial cameras, lenses, light sources, intelligent cameras, code readers and core algorithm software, is a leading supplier and system integrator of machine vision products in China. Relying on VisionTech's efficient platform, we can make full use of advanced vision hardware and software modules and provide stable and reliable system solutions for complex vision tasks, meet different application requirements, and continue to develop innovative solutions according to market trends. At the same time, the company's sales and customers cover South China, East China, Southwest and Southeast Asia, through the rapid assessment and application of technical support, to help customers cope with challenges and achieve innovation.

During the visit, the Municipal Party Committee delegation exchanged and highly praised the products and application technologies independently developed and produced by Huzhou.


After the inspection, Sheng Yongjun, secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, and other leaders gave full affirmation and high evaluation to Huazhou's past history, research and development strength, and technology application level, and also hoped that Huazhou could maintain and strengthen technology development, promote more commercial applications in technology fields, strengthen the leading role of industrial supply chain, and promote the development of the industry at a higher level. We will promote inter-linkages between regional economies.


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