Hua Zhou wishes everyone a family reunion and a happy Mid Autumn Festival!

Time:2021-09-21 Author: hztest

The festival reunion, thousands of miles together

Mid-Autumn Festival

The moon group Luan day, when the whole family gathers

It's the fifteenth day of the eighth lunar month

Mid-Autumn Festival

Three autumn osmanthus ten miles lotus

It's the most poetic time of the year

The Mid-Autumn Festival, reposing the thoughts

Chang 'e flies to the moon

Wu Gang felled the laurel

The Jade rabbit crushes medicine

Word of mouth has spread ever since

Become the undertone of the national imagination

Mid-Autumn Festival, highlighting the interest

Admire the moon and worship the moon

Light the lamp and watch the tide

Play with the rabbit

Divide mooncakes

What a lively scene

Mid-Autumn Festival, moistening the taste buds

Small cakes like chewing moon

It has crisp and candy

Mooncakes symbolize reunion

Eat mooncakes as a family

Meaning full moon person round home

Family reunion

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival, intoxicated with the soul

At this time, the fragrance of laurel

Osmanthus flower "is the first class of flowers"

Enjoy a glass of osmanthus nectar

Talk about the happiness of family reunion

No matter how the years change

No matter how time passes

The moon shines brightly and lovingly

Every Mid-Autumn Festival

It's a Chinese reunion convention

Here, Hua Zhou wishes you all

Family reunion

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

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