Mobile phone camera positioning welding system

Project Overview

The mobile phone camera positioning welding system accurately positions the mobile phone camera RCAM and the rear cover of the mobile phone, and cooperates with the robot to achieve precise fitting actions, which replaces manual assembly, improves production efficiency and yield, and greatly reduces enterprise production costs.


The system integrates a variety of algorithms such as template positioning and edge grasping to accurately locate the mobile phone camera RCAM and the mobile phone back cover housing, and obtain the relative offset between them. The offset data is sent to the robot through the network TCP connection. After the robot corrects the fitting position, the robot realizes accurate fitting.

    System Configuration

    Camera: CIC-5000R-14-G

    Lens:Hztest 0.2x telecentric lens

    Light:Hztest blue coaxial light source

    Software: HZVision

    Positioning accuracy: 0.02mm

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